SmartCollect121 is a sophisticated debt collection management software system that is at the heart of Cost Efficiency, Decision Analytics, Compliance, Collections and Recoveries productivity.


SmartCollect121 is the sophisticated software system that is at the heart of the Debt and Delinquent Account Management solution from XGen Group. The system streamlines the collections process, reduces bad debt write-offs, improves cash flow, reduces provisioning and cures more customers, which improves customer relationships and facilitates future selling opportunities.

XGen the founding company of SmartCollect121 has incorporated its intellect by way of algorithms, decision rules and other smart tools within the system to deliver a sophisticated workflow system in a simplified manner.

The system architecture is capable of:

  • Customising workflows to meet any business requirement within record time
  • Capable of connecting with third party systems and processes vis API's and other information push pull solutions.
  • Ability to consolidate information and present to collection agents per the business need
  • Able to connect with mail houses, SMS gateways, auto diallers and email servers to increase collections efficiency.

XGen has built the above capability within SmartCollect121 using its teams experience and expertise gained from designing and deploying world-class debt management solutions for financial institutions and other businesses around the world.

To succeed in today's hypercompetitive marketplace, companies are placing increased emphasis on effective collections and recovery management to deliver bottom-line results.

To meet these goals, SmartCollect121 - Automated Debt Management System helps you:

  • Enhance Customer Experience due to specialised customer management workflows
  • Reduce Operating Expenses via elimination of manual handling
  • Reduce delinquency through streamlined automated collections workflows
  • Control chargeoff's and write-off's while building profitable customer relationships
  • Improve all aspects of your end-to-end loss collections and recovery operations due to self-configurable workflows.
  • Support high-volume processing and providing scalability for growth
  • Intergradation to core banking and payment processing systems via API's and other common mechanisms
SmartCollect121s user interfaces has pioneered the automated debt management workflows and loss recoveries process by providing advanced workflow features necessary to maximize the:
  • Effectiveness of collections and recovery treatments
  • Optimize the deployment of your collectors using simplified easy to use user interfacing

Is it costly to implement the system?

SmartCollect121 is designed to operate as a independent system within the institutions firewall.
All it needs is daily delinquency report and customer contact information inputs through manual feeds or automated uploads.
It can be customised easily to meet each institutions strategies and requirements.

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